Bluetooth AVRFlasher Help


This application for Android allows the upload of precompiled hex files via Bluetooth to AVR MCU's such as found on Arduino boards ( Uno, Nano, Mega etc..). You can use any Bluetooth module in normal serial communications mode. You can compile your cpp sketches with ArduinoDroid on Android or with the Arduino IDE on PC.

Quick Start

Connect your Bluetooth module RX to the hardware serial TX on your Arduino board. Bluetooth TX to Arduino RX.
(If your Bluetooth module and Arduino board has different logic levels ensure you use a converter if required.)

Set your Bluetooth module Baud rate to match the programming Baud rate of the respective board ( see Arduino Programming Baud rates ).

Pair the Bluetooth module with your Android device.
(Default paring passwords are usually 0000 or 1234)

Launch AVRFlasher.

Connect to your Buetooth module:

Select the precompiled hex file to be uploaded:

Reset your Arduino board and touch Upload at the same time ( Or hold the Arduino reset button in and then after touching Upload release it):

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